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Pedicle Screw System

  • The only FDA cleared pedicle screw with nanotechnology designation
  • Low torque design (65 in-lbs)
  • Unique screw thread form incorporates a progressive, multi-diameter design
  • Low profile construct allowing up to 60 degrees of angulation
  • Complete product offering

Nano FortiFix Screws

The first and most advanced fixation and visualization technology combination of its kind70 nm diameter programmable nanotube surface

  • Calcium phosphate layer
  • Deeply porous interconnected titanium scaffold which assists in securing the implant in the intervertebral space
  • Intermolded PEEK Optima core by InVibio for preferred modulus and bridging bone visualization on plain x-ray
  • Pair with FortiFix Pedicle Screw Systems for a complete lumbar solution

Nano FortiCore Interbodies

Message from our CEO - Brian More

Nanovis is a technology-driven company committed to discovering unmet clinical needs, developing innovative and enabling solutions, and validating new technologies for clinical usage and market acceptance.

Nanovis can only achieve its mission by partnering with leaders across the industry. Nanovis has deep relationships with academia, surgeons, and device manufactures. Together, Nanovis has become a market leader in nanotechnology used to improve the biological response of implanted orthopedic devices.

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